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fine lunch selection


Just to give an idea of a nice selection of bread slices that add to a fine danish lunch.

Here we have home made Schwarz-bread or Pumpernickel or ‘rugbrød’ (the danish name). You can easily make such a bread when you follow this recipe like i did as well. It gives a really tasty foundation for a delicious lunch and is very healthy at the same time. The bread and also the topping will keep you going with lots of energy until evening.

lunch bread selection

lunch bread selection

This selection consists of four slices of dark bread:

one slice with Rucola salad, Egg in Curry dressing, Danbo (strong danish cheese) and some Rosemary leaves,

one slice with liver sausage, thin slices of cucumber and some chives,

one slice with thin slices of turkey filet, radish and Rosemary leaves and

one slice with a slice of Edamer (a milder chese), green salad, tomatoes, fresh Basil leaves.

To give it a crunchy edge i also added some sweet, raw carrots at the side. They are refreshing when you serve them right from the fridge, peel them and chop them into four long pieces. This is also a good idea for a lunch dish that you can take with you to work, then you can chew the carrots for stress relief.

Hopefully you got some inspiration for a delightful lunch :) , note that the toppings are really following the danish lunch kitchen ‘smørrebrød’ and might not be everyone’s favorite.

Sandwich with Cured Salmon, Garlic Cream Cheese and Dill

A delicious, simple sandwich with savory cured salmon, organic, garlic cream cheese and freshly picked dill.

Served on a slice of foccacia from

Begin with smearing a thick layer garlic cream cheese on a piece of foccacia and cover it with salmon.


Add a bit more cream cheese on top of the salmon, spice with salt and pepper and finish with the freshly picked dill.


Enjoy your danish lunch sandwich.

Sandwich med Røget Laks, Hvidløgsflødeost og Dild

Sandwich with Grilled Aubergine, San Marzano Tomatoes, Sund-Dried Tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella and Basil

A delicious piece foccacia from,served with grilled aubergine, san marzano tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, freshly plucked basil, buffalo mozzarella and olive oil. The aubergine gets quick fried with olive oil, fresh garlic, thyme, oregano, salt and pepper. Spread some oil on the foccacia. Add slices of grilled aubergine on top, thereafter mozzarella, tomatoes and [...]

Ham Sandwich with Salami, Buffalo Mozzarella, Basil, Tomatoes and Olives

What about a good sandwich, with lots of delicious meat; long fried ham, fine thin sliced Italian salami, buffalo mozzarella (it HAS to be buffalo), good olive oil, spiced olives, san marzano tomatoes and freshly plucked basil.     Served on a  homemade foccacia from This is a fine, tasty sandwich. First, press the  [...]

Egg with Shrimps, Rucola Salad, Tomato and Mayonnaise

This is a danish classic. A real Egg-Lunch. The Danes call it a “Æggemad”, which means Egg-food. A must for a good lunch. And if you add some delicious big Shrimps to it, good with mayonnaise, a little bit of Rucola salad to spice it up and plenty of salt and pepper, on top of [...]

Prosciutto crudo with Fried Eggs- sunny side up, Cauliflower and Parmesan

A delicious piece Danish ‘smorrebrod’ Lunch with a good dry cured ham, on top of fresh, crispy Iceberg salad. Served with the smiling fried egg, sprinkled with Parmesan flakes, salt and pepper, finished with tomato that is both a bit sweet and juicy, and some quickly blanched cauliflower. There is a delicious sweetness in this [...]